First episode of ‘BOSS season 2’ achieves 16.3% rating.

18 أبريل

Cr. – tokyohive

The popular detective drama “BOSS“, which aired back in spring of 2009, has come back for a second season! The first episode aired on April 14th, and has received a rating of 16.3%, kick starting what is seen to be an exciting new season.

Amami Yuki, along with Takenouchi Yutaka and Toda Erika, has come back as the head of the Special Crime Measures Unit. The first episode picks up two years after the dissolution of the group at the end of the final episode in season one. The group is now back together, and it’ll be interesting to see the members of the group interact with each other after a two year hiatus. Guest stars for this episode include Narumi Riko, Oomori Nao, and Nishida Toshiyuki.

The first season aired between April and June of 2009 with the theme “a detective drama women would want to see” in mind, and the first episode during season one received ratings of 18.1%. The very unique characters of the Special Crime Measure Unit portrayed everything from very serious moments to comical scenes with good pace and tempo. The final episode of season one brought in a viewership rating of 20.7%, making the drama’s average rating an impressive 17.0% overall.

BOSS’s return has been anticipated by many fans, and it’s the second most anticipated drama this season behind “JIN,” mainly by women. Now that the drama has started, we look forward to seeing what new and interesting crimes Amami Yuki and her team solve throughout the new season!

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Posted by في أبريل 18, 2011 in movie


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