“Sunshine Angel” caught in financial dispute

09 يوليو

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Wu Chun’s last idol drama, “Sunshine Angel”, is said to be in a financial dispute between its mainland collaborators and Comic Ritz. The mainland production company, Shanghai Yao Xin Ying, reportedly still owes Comic Ritz three million TWD for the drama’s production cost.

The drama premiered on Hunan TV just two days ago, winning its time slot. However, what’s bizarre is that its Taiwan collaborators which includes GTV and Comit Ritz, did not receive any notice of the premiere. Yesterday, Comic Ritz commented that premiering the drama without first notifying them is already an infringement, which they might seek legal action on. The media could not get a response from Yao Xin Ying’s representative, Sun Jun, as he was unreachable, with all three of his phones forwarded to voicemail.

In previous collaborations, the mainland and Taiwan production companies would each own the local copyrights of the drama. After obtaining the approvals to film and broadcast, the drama would usually premiere in Taiwan due to its market value.

The broadcasting agreement has yet to be signed for “Sunshine Angel”, and Comic Ritz expressed that they were suddenly informed a month ago by their mainland partner that “the state administration of radio and television wishes for collaborated dramas to premiere in mainland.” Comic Ritz did not find such a rule after checking a few times, but in the end, their mainland partners quickly sold the drama to Hunan TV without them knowing, and the drama hit the air on the 6th.

“Sunshine Angel” is a highly anticipated drama starring Rainie Yang and Wu Chun. Rainie filmed “Sunshine” first and then did “Love You”. But due to delays in obtaining an approval for “Sunshine” in the mainland, “Love You” is already airing in Taiwan.

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