مجلة عدد نوفمبرEye-ai and QLAP

09 ديسمبر

Cr : inala

Eye-ai 2012.11 – 14Mb – MF


Sharing a couple more magazine scans.

Firstly the NEWS Eye-ai issue. In black and white, apart from the cover, the main feature about Eye-ai is that the contents have been translated into English. The original Japanese article was also included in the magazine and I’ve included that for reference as well.

QLAP features Massu and Koyama, including a Massu poster (see below), so it was quite nice number of pages.

Eye-ai 2012.11 – 14Mb – MF

QLAP 2012.11 – FULL – 31Mb – MF  /  Massu – MF  /  Koyama – MF



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