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Hyun Bin repelling picture ‘perfect posture’.

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A picture of Hyun Bin (Kim Tae-pyung) repelling has been revealed.

On the Marines blog “Fly Marine Boy”, several pictures were revealed under the title, “Recruit class of 1137 – 4 weeks of training”.

In the picture, Hyun Bin is coming down from a height of 21 meters with no flaw. Repel training is going up a 80 degree slope and coming jumping down with a rope.

Netizen’s say, “His posture is good~”, “He looks good in a uniform!”, “It’s like a scene from a movie”, and more.

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin was stationed as a promotional soldier in Kyeonggido Hwanseong on the 7th. He will be on leave for 4 nights this coming 22nd and then dispatched to Beakryong-do 6th brigade right after.

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