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Jackie Chan Teams Up With Kwon Sang Woo on Chinese Zodiac.

Hong Kong performing artists earlier held an ‘ARTISTES 311 LOVE BEYOND BORDER’ Japan relief show. Jackie Chan donated both money and effort that day as he donated HK$3 million. Two nights ago he attended a Japanese restaurant opening in Beijing and announced that he will donate another 10 million yen. He urged everyone to lend a helping hand to Japan Earthquake victims. Jackie Chan at the event said, Japan just had an earthquake, he as one of Nobu restaurant bosses would donate another 10 million yen.

In addition 500 yuan out from each charity special order would be donated to the victims as well. Jackie Chan said, “I hope to share the love with all the less fortunate people around the world.” The restaurant prepared a super large birthday cake for Jackie Chan’s birthday on the 7th. Jackie Chan tried to force cake into friends’ mouths, but Lin Peng stopped him. He said, “I don’t dare to be fed, let’s try this: give him a ‘Xu Jinglei kiss’.”

In addition, Korean actor Kwon Sang-woo earlier came to Hong Kong for the relief show. Later he will work with Jackie Chan on an action film. According to Kwon Sang-woo’s management, “Kwon Sang-woo will join the Jackie Chan starred action film ‘CHINESE ZODIAC’. The production dates and other matter have already been negotiated. Jackie Chan thought Kwon Sang-woo‘s action performance in films like ‘SPIRIT OF JEET KUNE DO’ was very exciting.” CHINESE ZODIAC will be a 100 billion won action epic, with four Asian superstars in its cast. Production will begin in early June in Paris.

Cr. – HK Morning

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