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KARA to be featured on Japanese OST for Korean drama “Lady President”

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With the recent surge of Korean acts such as KARA into Japan, it’s not surprising that Korean television dramas are also gradually making an impact in Japan as well. Popular Korean drama “Dae Mul / Lady President” will be hitting Japanese shelves in DVD format in just a matter of weeks, and it’s already an enticing event for Japanese drama viewers.

The drama will be released under the name of “Lady President ~ Oomono“, the latter part of the title translating to someone of great importance. KARA leader Gyuri and Jiyoung will participate in a song that will be featured on the drama’s offical soundtrack, which is set for release along with the series on August 5th. The song is said to be written by fellow Korean musician and famed balladeer K.Will.

As the release date for the drama looms closer, there is no surprise around the unusual anticipation for a foreign drama. In its initial run in Korea, it garnered a whopping 30.3% for its highest viewer rating. Actress Ko Hyun Jung has been praised by critics and fans alike for carrying the drama with her exceptional acting, along with actor Kwon Sang Woo.

While the Korean run of the drama had 24 episodes, the complete version on the DVD has a few more for a total of 30. The blu-ray edition is set for release on September 2nd.

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